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Upgrade Your Wardrobe With These Different Types Of Shrugs

8 Must Have Different Types Of Shrugs For All Seasons

Do you always run out of clothes to wear? Your wardrobe has no room left, yet you have nothing to wear. Sis, we all have been there!

What's the solution, you ask? It's simple, SHRUGS!!!

It is a smart way to save money, enjoy new styles, revive worn-to-death outfits, and refresh your wardrobe.

So we say, check out these eight different types of shrugs and be the queen of fashion effortlessly.

These trendy shrugs are easy-to-carry, chic and can be styled with both Indian and Western wear.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Waterfall Shrug

The Waterfall Shrug is an absolute hit among fashionistas because of the front design displaying the flow of the waterfall.

Whether you are attending a party or casual event, this shrug is an absolute show-stealer.

Style this waterfall shrug with a crop top and jeans, and look effortlessly stylish.

Talking about stylish shrugs, we can't help but talk about one of our favourites, the Ruffled Shrug.

This type of shrug is designed with ruffles around the edge to add a playful touch to your style.

Whether it is an office party or a cocktail party, this shrug is the easiest way to add flair and warmth to your style. Pair it with heels to enhance the look instantly.

Slay in summer without sweating, with these breathable Summer Shrugs.

Choose cotton and light-colour summer shrugs to keep yourself cool in the scorching heat.

This type of shrug is a must-have in your summer wardrobe if you want to look summer-ready and picture-perfect.

The self-explanatory type of Sheer Shrug serves the dual purpose of highlighting the underlying dress and adding a delicate feature to your apparel.

You can pair sheer shrugs with camisole tops, summer and spaghetti dresses and stand out.

You can create multiple casual looks effortlessly using a sheer shrug. Check it out and start shopping.

5. Shrug with Collar

Are you looking for a shrug that goes well with Indian and Western outfits? The Collar Shrug answers your call with sophistication.

It is an all-season shrug with an open-front model. Wear a scarf with simple ties and knots and earn some brownie points for your elegant taste.

Instead of stuffing your wardrobe with new trends, mix and match different combinations and create a stylish look.

6. Woollen Shrug for Winter

Ditch the old-style sweaters and hoodies, and welcome the warm, dapper woollen shrug for winter.

It is an excellent alternative to thick hoodies, coats, and leather jackets. Select from the range of cute shrugs when it's freezing.

7. Denim Shrug

Denim is an 18th Century cloth and an inevitable part of today's fashion industry. Known for its durability, strength, and versatility, it is a popular choice for women of all age groups.

Create a casual look with a Denim Shrug and pair it with ripped jeans, sporty shoes, and a tank top.

Get the classy denim shrugs to create a damper, casual and comfortable look for all seasons.

Long shrugs rank 1st in the category of amazing types of shrugs you must have now. They have an open front and no buttons.

They are a winning option when attending a casual or social event. Did you get a

last-minute plan and no time to style? You can wear the smart long shrug and create an edgy look quickly.

Final thoughts,

Shrugs are saviours! Whether you are going shopping, on a weekend trip, or at an office party, different types of shrugs cater to different styles and assist you in elevating your fashion game.

Laado is helping thousands of fashion enthusiasts to shop for unique, trendy pieces at the best prices. Find amazing shrugs on Laado and enjoy a premium range of unique fashion from the comfort of your home.

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